Hello there, Travellers!

My name is Nat. I´m a photographer. Not a professional photographer yet. I just love to take photos, mainly landscapes. I love travelling the world and if it was up to me I would simply leave everything behind, pack a suitcase, grab my passport and my camera gear and jump on the first plane to Italy.

Why Italy, you may ask? Well, it´s quite simple! My background is 3/4 Italian and I grew up listening to stories about la bella Italia. My nonna and nonno would talk about what it was like growing up there. They were both from Venezia. So it is in my genes, I gotta visit it!

But let´s go back to Travelling Bugs. As a photography lover, I browse the web looking for photographer blogs and websites. I found some and they are quite good. Mostly they are about wedding, engagement, honeymoon, couples in love shoots… and though I like them a lot, after awhile I grew a bit bored of them because I was longing for travelling photography essays so I decided to create my own blog about that. And this is how Travelling Bugs was born on a crispy October morning.

Feel free to send me your submissions to natbottacin (at) hotmail (dot) com

Let´s see those fantastic places this world has for all of us!!

Much love,




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